About Paul Waters                    
          Paul Waters is a musician, actor, Author, record producer, songwriter, singer, and sound engineer, however, he is most recognized for his work in the field of music. Paul Waters began his musical career at the age of 13 in the small snowy town of Iron Mountain Michigan, and by the age of 16 had won the battle of the bands in Michigan with his group Mindfold. Paul Left home at 18 and made a cross country trip in his 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo he called "Irene" on his way to Hollywood, Ca to pursue his musical career as a singer/songwriter/Actor.  By the age of 21 Paul had worked and performed with Grammy Award winning musicians and recorded music in Europe, as well as all over the United States. He has worked alongside the Robb Brothers "Credited with over 250 Million Records", Bill Bottrell, Tony DeNiro, Natalie Noone, as well as Sjoerd Koppert, and has continued to shape and mold his cutting edge and original sound. His music can be descibed as a twist of extremely catchy heart fealt ballads and an original alternative rock/pop sound with a shot of the blues and classical, fueled by his unique and powerful vocals.
          Paul Waters has recorded and performed in Switzerland, London, Hawaii, Hollywood, and across the entire US. He has written over 200 Songs, played live on numerous radio shows, and has received countless awards for song writing including "Best Pop/Rock song" from the Paramount Group, $30,000 in advertising from listenersstation.com where he won "Best Pop Rock song" for his song titled "Two Shades of Grey." Other achievements include reaching #1 on the Rock/Folk charts on MySpace. Paul currently has over 1 Million plays on the popular social networking site myspace.com as well as accumulated well over 1,000,000 profile views.  In his spare time he is also an author credited with the fictional story entitled "Sara Dwells & The Book of Answers."   and a second novel titled "Jack." Currently a Paul is busy writing and recording new songs as well as playing numerous live shows around California.
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